Rifters II: Maelstrom, Peter Watts

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"Watts has expanded his focus without diminishing the obsessive drive of his plotting or his prose. [His] vision of the near future offers scant reason for hope. What makes his novel exhilarating instead of depressing is the conviction and control he brings to his material -- I have no hesitation in recommending both books to readers interested in up-to-date science fiction with a seriously paranoid edge.

- The New York Times

"A sequel of considerable merit. [Maelstrom] becomes something quite different from Starfish, and quite fascinating as well... A unique version of cyberspace rendered beautifully with literary skill and a technological sophistication admirably verging on mystical speculation... an excellent and, on balance, quite literarily-successful science fiction novel."

- Norman Spinrad, Asimov's

Published 2001. (321 Kb)